Sunday, July 2, 2023

Survived the Storm

It actually wasn't much of a storm but for a few minutes the wind gusts were strong enough that I was convinced I was going to loose something. I quickly ran out and tied up some of the black cherry tomato vines which is something I should have done a while ago. There are two plants in this tub and it's starting to get a little wild. Several suckers have been left to grow too long. There are a few tomatoes in there too.

I have a few jalapeno pepper plants growing in this large container. Too much shade in this spot next to the outer wall of the balcony to grow peppers but I don't normally keep them here. Even in a sunnier spot on the floor of the balcony, it still won't be enough light. They will eventually produce peppers but not as vigorously as they could. I've thought about building stands to get my containers off the floor and high enough to receive direct sunlight for most of the day. But doing that would block the sunlight my taller trellised plants at the back of the balcony receive. The truth is I just don't have enough space.

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