Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transplanted and growing well

These were all planted well over a week ago... maybe two weeks now. Time has been flying lately. The two plants on the left are Charentais Melons. And one of them doesn't look too good in this image but it has since managed to "stabilize" and start growing. I waited too long to transplant them but I'm glad I did because we had a week of cold windy weather in mid May that would have done them in if I had transplanted them earlier. The tomato on the right is a Brandywine and it's doing great.

I haven't built proper trellises for the melon plants yet but I do need to get on that soon. I was putting it off, waiting to see if they would grow ok.  I also planted a few pepper plants in a sunny spot: Hungarian Hot Wax and Jimmy Nardello's. Had lots of trouble getting the Nardello's to grow. I seeded maybe two dozen and only got three to grow to transplant size.