Friday, July 16, 2021

Neglected but not entirely forgotten

It's been a strange summer on the balcony. You would think with everything that's not going on in the world right now I'd have lots of time to play on the balcony. But that's not the case for some reason. I just haven't been all that interested this year. For a while we were hopeful we'd be able to get in a vacation before September so maybe I wasn't fully committed to gardening. But I did manage to get some beets growing and I've got peppers that are doing ok.

When I cleared everything off the balcony last year I had to get rid of all the support structures I had constructed for holding up various plants. It was probably for the best because it was getting really junky out there. But I really missing have those structures. Look at this pathetic black cherry tomato plant. It's an indeterminate variety. It's sprawling pretty bad and I've haven't been pruning it. There are tomatoes but not as many as there should be. I'm just too lazy to got out and buy some sticks. Or anything really. I was looking for some poles last week but they were all sold out.

I'm growing pole beans this year too and they are supported but not flowering for some reason. Timing and weather I guess. I also started cucumbers back in early June and they got off to a terrible start. And I don't have anything to support them. Probably won't bother. Even so, I found this cute little cucumber on one of the vines that was just trailing down onto the floor of the balcony. Some hope I guess. Maybe it's not too late to trellis those vines.