Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting for Jack Frost

My temps currently sit in the -1C and 5C range: 30F to 40F. We've had a few frosty mornings but it doesn't appear to be getting this high up yet. And we've been spared the winter storms that have buried Western Canada and the Northwest US with snow. But even now at the end of November with a month to go before winter officially starts, I still have some green veggies growing on the balcony.

The arugula, lettuce and tatsoi I seeded over two months ago is doing well. Certainly not growing fast in this weather. It's a little overgrown but I figured I would just let it be. I seeded some more lettuce and mizuna last month on a whim and the mizuna is now up with a first set of leaves. I'm keeping it under cover to see if it will grow much more before a frost finally kills it. Also have quite a few radishes growing but by this point they've been in the ground a while and look rather tough. Although I bit into one the other day it was still quite crisp and mild.