Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seedlings on the Sill

I started these pepper, eggplant and tomato seedlings about a month ago. In the past I’ve recycled drink containers for seedling growing but this year I couldn’t find anything suitable when I needed them. My peppers and eggplants were started in recycled square plastic containers used to package mushrooms. Once the second set of true leaves appeared I transplanted the strongest looking plants into these 3” round containers. It’s still too early to put them out but they are already getting too tall and skinny for the window sill – not enough overhead light. I think I might start sitting them outside soon although I hadn’t planned to plant any out until the end of May.

Outside I’ve got some snap and shelling peas started in a couple of large containers. Night time temps have been down around 5C and the daytime highs in the mid to high teens. I expect to see a pea shoot in the next week or so. In the coming weeks I want to start some radishes and make some self-watering containers from 5 gallon pails for pole beans. I also need to get my pumpkins and cucumbers started.