Thursday, May 6, 2021

Almost time to plant

Getting closer to that time. Nighttime temperatures around 4C but we did have a frost advisory last week. The weather hasn't been that great actually. Cloudy. Rainy. Windy. But at least it's been consistent. Still a little early for my leggy seedlings. They need a bit more time. 

Whenever I plant too early I get caught by a frosty night or a windy day. I can never seem to get a head start. So these tomatoes and peppers will wait another week... week and a half. Actually, I might pot the tomatoes into larger containers first then wait two more weeks. I should do that now. I also have cucumbers growing in the window sill. Those I will definitely keep inside until the end of May. 

Just realized that I forgot to start my basil. Getting hard to find window space. Too many succulents.