Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time to get the season started

That time of year again. The balcony has been looking rather barren all winter and with the warm weather coming fast it's time to start planning and planting. Every season I grow on the balcony and this year I've decided to go all out. Last summer I held back because I didn't think I'd have time for some reason. I managed a few peppers, some greens and eggplant. But I felt I was missing something. It's better to start big and trim back as the season progresses. In my region, you can start a tomato in late July but it won't be ready by the time the frost comes. So better to start big and downsize later as necessary.

Winter on the Balcony

I've gone through my seeds and received orders from a couple of seed places months ago. This year I'll be growing beans (pole and fava), peas(snap and shelling) brandywine tomatoes and pumpkins. I'm also going to grow a few beets, some radishes, a few greens and the usual herbs. I've got some peppers and eggplants already started inside. The challenge will be the pumpkins although I suspect the true challenge will be getting it all to fit in the space I have. Everything will be going vertical on the balcony this summer. I'm going to grow it all from seed. No starter plants from the garden center this year. And whatever seedlings I start that I don't have room for on the balcony I’m going to give away to friends, family and strangers.