Thursday, March 4, 2021

Germination Test

I started a little germination test over the weekend. I've got a small hoard of seeds from years past and I needed to know which, if any, were still usable. When I get new seed I always forget to write the date on the packet. Sometimes it's already there but not always. Most of the seed here was 4+ years old. And most appear to still be ok. So maybe I won't bother buying any new seed this year. I should probably just use what I have while I still can.

The only seeds that aren't germinating (yet) are 12 year old bell peppers and some watermelon seeds which must be around 10 years old. No surprises there. There are other melon seeds here that are still fine. Some greens, radish, onion and beets. And green tomatoes. I really wish I had more space on the balcony.