Monday, June 19, 2023

Micro Dwarf Tomatoes

I planted three kinds of micro dwarf tomato plants this year: Rosy Finch, Fat Frog and Laura #5. As usual, I planted too many and did not want to part with those I did not have space for. So I kept some in smaller containers inside under a growlight. And I followed my age old tradition of forgetting to label them so I will have no way of knowing which is which until they set fruit. So far the first plant to set fruit is this one that has been growing outside and I think it's a Rosy Finch.

The plants kept inside appear to be fine but they are growing much taller. I suspect they don't get enough light so I'll be moving them outside soon. They are also in much smaller containers and I might transplant them to something larger. The plant on the left in the image below has been outside for the past few weeks and it has grown much stockier than the one on the right that has been kept under the growlight. I'm pretty sure they are the same plant.

The plants I put out in my big planter are even more stocky. They don't appear to be growing as fast for some reason. Perhaps less nutrients or cooler soil temperatures. I'm not sure. But they look healthy so I'm not worried. The more compact the better. I don't want them to crowd out the jalapeno peppers that are growing in the same planter.

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