Saturday, September 4, 2010

Death of a Tomato Plant

Officially there are still two and a half weeks of summer left but it feels like it's really over today. Our weather went from hot and humid to cold, wet and windy in the course of a single day. Kids are back to school next week. And my tomato plants have finally exhausted their potting soil of all major nutrients and are calling it quits. Still a couple of smaller tomatoes left in there but it doesn't matter. We had a good run this season. I stopped adding ferts a while ago and at this point I just keep them watered so they don't fall over.

lack of nutrients

Despite the cooling trends in the weather and steady shortening of daylight hours as we head into fall and inevitably winter, I still have 'crops' to tend and new crops to plant. I have some beets growing that need a few more weeks. My carrots can be pulled anytime in the next week or so. I have some snap peas growing that should (hopefully) start flowering this week. And I have a box of radishes taking root that should be ready in a couple weeks also. And there's still time to get some baby salad greens and more radishes in before the snow starts to fall.

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