Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally here although it doesn't feel like we had much of a winter. The grass is green and the trees are budding. My raspberry plant survived the winter and has lots of new growth sprouting out along last year's canes. A few new ones coming up through the soil as well.

I haven't made any plans to grow on the balcony this year. I'd like to but maybe I'll dial it back a bit this summer. Maybe just some tomatoes and melons, or cucumbers. I might actually plant flowers instead of onions and beets. I'm not really sure yet. The clock is ticking though. If I'm going to grow anything I better get started on it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Last of the Raspberries

I did a bit of cleanup on the balcony today. Tomato and melon vines went without water for over a week and they were drying out nicely. So I chopped them down and stuff them into a bag, ready for the composter. But there is still life on the balcony. My peppers are ripe enough to pick. The kale still has a few leaves on it. And I've got more raspberries which was kind of a surprise. I didn't think this cluster of flowers would produce anything this year.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Picked the Radish

This is the lone radish I planted this year. It's a China Rose and it doesn't look that bad. The top inch of the root was exposed above the soil surface and it shows. I pulled this 60 days after seeding. The kale planted next to it was happy to see it go as the radish top was dominating the container.

My dwarf kale is doing fine. Every morning a few leaves are removed to contribute to a green smoothie. There are three plants here and at the current rate of consumption, they should be depleted by the end of the week. I seeded more a couple of weeks ago but it's getting colder outside and I think it might be too late for those plants to mature in time.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

I picked the last of the Jimmy Nardello peppers. I only had one plant and it was looking pretty bad. Earlier this summer I picked about a dozen peppers from this plant so it did alright. The aphids thrived on this plant but it tolerated the invasion.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sugar Cube Muskmelon

I picked my sugar cube muskmelon today. I really wasn't sure if it was ripe enough. The skin wasn't yellow but was starting to turn pale. And the stem was still firmly attached. But I figured since it had been out there well over a month and the plants were starting to look like they were ready to shutdown for the year, it was time to try and pick it. I pulled at the stem and it popped right out of the melon. It really didn't take much effort. Maybe it was ready after all.

It weighed a little over 2 lbs. Inside it looked like a good melon. It smelled like a good melon. And it tasted like a good melon. Not overly sweet but just right with a nice cantaloupe flavour. I was quite pleased with it and I will definitely be growing more next year. There is another one on the vine outside now but I don't think it will reach maturity. It probably needs another three weeks and I don't think the plants will survive that long. Temperatures are starting to fall and the sunsets are drifting towards the south. Winter is coming.