Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Strawberries from seed

This strawberry plant has a long way to go before being planted outside. I've grown strawberries from seed once before but it was quite a while ago. My expectations for the few seedlings I have started this year are really low and my hope is that at least one plant grows to maturity. I think I'll also purchase some plants later this spring and see how those grow on the balcony. That is something I haven't tried before.

This years I also want to grow some onions from seed. I have some Spanish onions started and I plan to grow some scallions as well. And some kale, leeks and scarlet runner beans. For the past couple of years I've tried and failed to grow melons. This year I want to try a musk melon hybrid that is tolerant to a number of diseases. Maybe that will better my odds. And I'll grow tomatoes but I'm not sure which.


Suzanne said...

I just found your sight today. I bought a couple of seed packs yesterday to attempt a balcony garden! This will be my first full growing season in a completely new zone to me and the first time I only have a balcony to work with. (Radishes and pole beans so far...tomatoes hopefully) Your tips have been helpful! Good luck with your strawberries :)

Zia said...

Hi, I'm glad I stumble upon your site :) ... I have always wanted to grow plants in a small balcony space. I've tried growing watermelon and cherry tomato last August 2015 wherein weather is still cold. (btw, I'm currently im Qatar-middle east part of the world) :) ... After few weeks, sprouts started to grow nicely and I was happy seeing it growing by the day... But after sometime, it stops growing and leaves started to sway down like becoming so I stopped growing plants anymore... But seeing your site makes me want to plant gain :) ... Problem is, summer has started in this part of the world :).. And in middle east, when you say summer, it will really be hot. Literally desert-like hot... Which makes it more harder to grow plants... Can you suggest some plants which grows nicely on summer weather? Thanks in advance :)

Jeff said...

Tomatoes, peppers and most herbs may be able to handle the heat of your summer. But they may need some shade from the sun during the hottest days and lots of water. Any new plants you start in the summer will definitely need some protection from the sun. It might be less frustrating if you wait until summer passes.