Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unexpected beets

When I planted lettuce in the spring I also planted what I thought were bulls blood beets. I like to use the baby beet greens in salads. But they didn't grow with red leaves like bulls blood should. Eventually I thinned them down to a couple of plants and just let them grow. One got to a decent size and dominated the container, until yesterday. They definitely were not bulls blood, or so I thought. When cut open I saw the concentric white rings and I figured I must have mixed up the bulls blood with the chioggia. But after a quick internet search, I now know that bulls blood also have concentric white rings too. Not sure why the tops were not red. They got enough sunlight. Must have been some mineral missing from the potting soil. Roasted them in the oven and they tasted great. Wish I had grown more.

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