Sunday, March 1, 2015

Last Season

I let things slide into the end of the last growing season. And I didn't bother with any blog updates. But I did take some pictures.

Mildew took over the Charentais melon plants. Poor things. I would routinely spray them down with a soapy neem oil solution but the mildew always came back (of course). Spraying the leaves is just a temporary thing. It washes the spores from the leaves and makes them look better but this stuff spreads too fast. If the plants got rained on from time to time it might not be all that bad. But I'm sure there were other problems. The saddest part was not getting any melons. Only one grew to tennis ball size before the end.

The one Brandywine tomato plant I grew did ok and gave us quite a few decent tasting tomatoes. Not the biggest but consistent as far as shape and taste goes. The Olpaka tomato plants did well even considering blossom end rot was a problem as it always seems to be with these tomatoes. The best producers were the peppers. Lots of Hot Wax peppers, as always. And lots of Jimmy Nardellos. I got a few harvests like this one pictured here. The Nardellos were perfect for frying. It made them even sweeter. 

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Veronika said...

I got your book on the kindle and love it. Keep posting about your gardening experiences.