Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goodbye Celery

Something I haven't paid much attention to all season is my celery. I planted 4 plants of Utah back in May and watched it very slowly grow to what it is now. Some of the leaves are starting to yellow, probably because I didn't add enough fertilizer to the soil at the beginning of the season and didn't apply it regularly throughout (I was kind of lazy this year). We plucked off stalks from time to time whenever we needed it. One of the plants ended up in a tomato sauce last week and the other three just landed in a big soup pot.

It wasn't a bad celery. It certainly needed more attention to be good enough to snack on raw although some of the inner stalks we're tasty. The stalks didn't get big and juicy but they had a nice celery flavor. I wish I could have given it more sunlight.

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