Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hardening Off

Happy Mothers Day!

Not a very big selection this year: four black cherry tomato plants, three California wonder peppers and two Hungarian hot wax peppers. Not sure if I'll plant all of them. I also have some golden midget and sugarbaby watermelons inside along with a dozen basil and celery plants.

I've been putting these out to harden off for the past few days now. Weather has been nice but the winds have been blowing strong making it hard to keep the little plants out there for too long. I think I'll be planting these soon - no later than the end of the week. Have to get the balcony cleaned up too. And I need to buy more potting soil, fertilizer and compost. It's going to be a busy week.


lisa herring said...

Mmmmm, my mother in law is doing the black cherries and so far so good. I think you'll enjoy them. I am doing different tomato varieties, but am also doing the sugar baby watermelons. If you want to check them out I've got a few pics here:

Gofarmer Smallholder Classifieds said...

Just planted my tomato plants and has done nothing but rain since......