Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to get planting

Time to start thinking about the balcony again. We had that run of unusually warm weather last month that made me think summer was almost here. But temperatures have settled back to April norms.

I just seeded a seed tray with Utah Celery and from what I've been reading it's a little late but so what. I also started some Black Cherry Tomatoes which I had much success with last year, some Casper Eggplant which I've never had much luck with, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers which have grown well in the past and some old California Wonder Pepper seeds that I will be surprised to see germinate. The tomatoes will be planted out for sure but I'm not sure yet which of the peppers or eggplant will, if any.

I want to start a bunch of Basil plants too but I'm going to hold off on those for a while. And I'm planning to start some watermelons also: Golden Midget and maybe... maybe Sugar Baby. I plan to grow the midgets for sure. Not sure about the sugars yet. I've got some time before those need to be started.

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