Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Color on the Balcony

Some of the black cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. These plants are in a sunny spot in a big self-watering container and they seem happy. My other tomato plants are not. Some are crowded and not getting enough sun and not producing at all. Others that are in prime sunshine locations try to produce tomatoes, only to loose them to end rot. They are not in self watering containers and are very large plants, in the sun, and wind, during a particularly hot summer. Despite success with black cherry tomatoes, I'm not having much luck with anything else.

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Tom Barrett said...

I feel your pain. Of all the tomatoes I planted this year, the only thing to fully fruit were my cherry tomatoes. I chalk it up to infrequent watering, heat and lack of fertilizer, all mostly my fault, but I don't understand the cherry tomatoes' success (and they tasted good too)! Hopefully the fall will bring more luck!