Monday, July 18, 2011

Way Too Hot

The yellow beans I planted were the first to produce. I've got a few fava beans going as well. Still nothing from the pole beans. Not a single flower. Mind you, they don't get as much sunlight.

Some extreme temperatures moving through the region. My air conditioning has been running full tilt and the temperatures are suppose to get hotter later in the week. I've been watering like mad to keep the plants hydrated. But the tomatoes aren't happy. Several are dropping their flowers. It's too hot and I'm over watering to compensate.


Deck said...

you have to be very careful when watering tomatoes -- mine have actually gotten a bit too much rain lately. and tomatoes like the heat, so you have to not think of them like a person in the heat that needs water to survive. but i'm sure you know that.

Jeff said...

Yes, I certainly been over watering some of my plants and seeing the consequences. I'm spending too much time at home this summer which is part of the problem. Too much free time to spend on watering plants.