Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tomato Growth

My black cherry tomatoes are growing fast. I probably shouldn't have planted a pair of them as I hear they can grow quite large and bushy. Perhaps too large for this single tote to support them. Fortunately this is a self watering container with a fairly large reservoir so keeping them watered shouldn't be a problem. I just need to remember to keep them fertilized. The trellis built up around this container is only 6 feet tall and I suspect I'll eventually need to build it up a little higher.

Some of my other tomato plants are growing quite well also, like this Zapotec. I temporarily stuck a stick in the pot to keep it upright but I really need to build a proper stake and support system. I find that with large tomatoes in containers a single large stake is not enough to keep the plant upright no matter how big the stake is. You can only push it so far into the soil.

None of my plants, except the black cherry tomatoes, have reached a height where they desperately need support. Still, I need to start planning.


The Poet Herself said...

My black cherry tomato is ridiculously tall--about 5'5" right now, including the 12" pot. I think I need a trellising system like yours as it's taller than my tomato cage by at least a foot already!

Jeff said...

They seem to grow big and fast, don't they. I've got a great support structure for mine but I'm going to be in trouble with some of my other tomato plants real soon.