Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally... Tomatoes.

My pumpkin pollination attempt was definitely a success. Now I just need to wait. I see another female about to open but it looks a little weak and I think it might fall before opening. Would be nice to get another pumpkin on the plant.

My brandywine tomatoes are coming along nicely also. The plants are just under 5 feet now. I didn't do a good job of staking and pruning and they're starting to get a bit bushy but I can live with it. First few tomatoes started popping out last week.

The aphids are winning the battle on most plants now. All peppers and eggplants. Neem oil is doing nothing for the peppers or the Bambino Eggplant but it does appear to be working on a small Casper Eggplant I've been mostly neglecting. The spider mites are doing well also. All herbs I purchased from a large and very popular garden center are infested. Still finding mildew on the pumpkins but it's managed. The only plants without issues are the tomatoes.


Natti said...

What have you done about the pests. Anything other than Neem Oil.

Jeff said...

I was spraying them off with water from some of the peppers and eggplants using a water bottle. It's cheap, no mess and keeps them back for a day or two. Lots of work though. Other than this and the neem oil I've done nothing else. At one point I was ready to order up some lady bugs just to see what they could do but I couldn't justify the cost for the few plants I had.