Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chilly Night Ahead

It's going to be a cold Mothers Day here. The daytime high is suppose to be around 5C and there is talk of frost tonight or tomorrow night. But by next weekend we should be free from any more frost threats. I might have to cover up my snap peas tonight.

container snap peas

I'm a little behind in my balcony gardening activities. Normally by this time of year I've got the balcony cleaned up and a few containers going. Not the case this year but usually when I get started too early a frost knocks out a few early starters or the cold containers just don't produce. For most of what I grow there's no rush and I can afford to wait a few weeks before putting everything out.

In my window sill I have a number of pepper plant, some bambino eggplants, some brandywine tomatoes and just up a couple of days ago, some sugar and jarrahdale pumpkins. The peppers and eggplant are getting too big for the window: tall and spindly as they usually do when started there but not too bad actually. I'm quickly running out of space and I still have some herbs and cucumbers to get started.

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